15-24 year olds and counterfeiting: third EUIPO survey

July 29, 2022
Not all cheese can be “feta”…
August 12, 2022

A connected generation, influenced by social networks, sensitive to digital content and brand consumption, 1 in 3 young French people declare having voluntarily accessed pirated content or having intentionally purchased a counterfeit product (clothing, electronics or hygiene) in the last 12 months.

This is revealed by the third study conducted by the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) on the behaviors of young people aged 15 to 24, across the European Union, towards counterfeiting and piracy.

Among the factors cited by these young counterfeit consumers are free or low cost and easy or quick access to the counterfeit product.

Without justifying this behavior, it is interesting to look at the causes and remedies, as they also state that they can stop using illegal sources when the original product is available at an affordable price or when there is a risk of punishment or after bad experiences (personal or in close circle).

This study also reveals that young people are sensitive to communication on counterfeiting and piracy and are receptive to arguments related to personal security (securing and respecting their data) and moral values (sanctions, the reality of counterfeiting on the economy and employment, environmental damage).

French young people are in the European behavioral average and it seems more and more essential to integrate these issues in the education and training of young generations!

👉 The entire survey can be found on the EUIPO website, by clicking here.


Eléonore DAUPHANT, Intellectual Property Attorney and Partner at Mark & Law