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Hailing from the technical creativity of humans, software is often protected, following the example of art works, by copyright which legally applies to it.

As this is the case for any work, be it literary or digital, it is important to timestamp the different developments as well as to show their originality in accordance with their legal design, the only condition in order to benefit from this protection.

We can support you in the different stages of the software environment, from the contractual drafting of the development phase, to the license or disposal agreement, as well as in upstream recommendations integrating any questions related to ownership of rights or delimitation of use of software bricks that we qualify as books.


With this specific offer, we propose to draft an expert report adapted to the software enabling the timestamp and preparation of a tax document to be combined.

In effect, the software constitutes an asset eligible for the application of favorable tax provisions of the 2019 French financial act (taxation of 10% on products from the disposal or licensing of original software) but, for this, it is necessary to demonstrate and confirm its originality, taken in its legal acceptance.

Pack web

We propose a complete pack that will deal with all regulatory issues linked to a website:

Cookies policy

Legal notices

General Conditions of Use (GCU)

Confidentiality policy


Since 05/25/2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been uniformly applied across all European Union countries.

We have noticed that companies aren’t often aware of the data flows that pass through their service, their content, their use and, consequently, they are not very sensitive to the fact that they must comply with this regulation as well the applicable sanctions.

Contrary to the ideas that also circulate, this approach is not necessarily laborious and time-consuming.

In order to optimize it, we send you an online questionnaire in advance which will enable us to establish a quotation in accordance with your needs.

We then organize a meeting with the different stakeholders concerned (HR Manager, IT Manager, marketing, etc.) in order to deliver you the different monitoring tools that will allow you to update your reference document yourself.


We support you in consultations relating to the questions that shape the Tech & Comms market, notably: big data, cyber security, the Internet of Things and smart meters, mobile applications, open source and open data.