Intellectual Property Consultancy Firm, but also providers of intellectual property solutions, we support you in all aspects, both European and international, of protection, promotion and defense with regard to trademarks, copyright, designations of origin, software, data, and new technologies.
Like the figure in the photo, in our own way, we like to build bridges between different skills linking legal, marketing, strategy, R&D, communication, and taxation, between our clients when we think that new projects could result from this, or with between IP titles when a product requires trademark, design and model coupled protection and know-how.
Our actions are carried out in a pragmatic, transversal, personalized and secure approach in search of legal, operational and responsive comprehensibility.
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Our team is composed of Authorized Industrial Property Attorneys who are also Authorized European Trademark attorneys, specialized lawyers, dedicated paralegals, a Legal Design graphic designer, but also a network of foreign correspondents covering all countries, legal lawyers or business lawyers, partner patent engineers, marketing consultants, brand creators, linguists or evaluators in order to have a global overview.

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Morocco Joins the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement

The Hague System for the international registration of industrial designs continues to expand with a new Contracting Party to the 1999 Geneva Act. The industrial property title of “Design” makes it possible to protect the appearance of a product. Sometimes neglected by companies, even though they are aware of the protection of inventions by patents or names by trademarks, this protection is nevertheless essential since the aesthetics of your product is often decisive for the consumer and requires financial and human investments. Acquiring a monopoly on the aesthetics of your product requires reflection in parallel with its conception, since the […]


Ambush marketing : a source of distress for event organizers

On February 10, 2012, the Paris Court of Appeal defined Ambush marketing as “the fact, for a company, to makes itself visible to the public during a sporting or cultural event in order to associate its image with it, while avoiding paying the organizers and becoming an official supporter.” This practice implies an aggressiveness on the part of the author, the ambusher, to divert the attention of the public of an event to his profit. Fortunately, event organizers are not helpless against this kind of behavior. They have the possibility to register the relevant identification elements such as the title […]


Refusal of the geographical indication “Savon de Marseille” confirmed

On March 16, 2022, the French Court of Cassation ruled in favor of the INPI, which had rejected the application for registration of the geographical indication “SAVON DE MARSEILLE” (Marseille soap) filed on December 26, 2017 under No. 17-005 by the Association Savon de Marseille France (ASDMF) on the grounds that the application was incomplete and that the specifications did not meet the conditions set forth in the texts. The Geographical indications for craft and industrial products (GI CIP) was created to protect the name of a product associated with a geographical area, the product having to meet a precise […]


Industrial property titles at their highest in 2020 despite the pandemic!

The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) has just published its annual report on global indicators on intellectual property. The indicators are clear…


You watch your trademark, but have you thought about watching your products on the web ?

Christmas is fast approaching, and this year again internet shopping will represent a large part of the transactions generated by the holiday season…


Protecting the aesthetics of your product with a single application in 92 countries is possible!

If patent and trademark are well-known industrial property titles for the respective protection of technical inventions and distinctive signs…