1st first geographical indication accredited

The French IP office has recently accredited the first geographical indication for manufactured and handmade products and the lucky winner...

Acknowledgement of industrial property titles in French Polynesia

Within the framework of the organic law n°2004-192 of February 27, 2004 organizing the autonomy of French Polynesia, the competence...

Geographical indications protecting industrial and handmade products and modifications of trademark opposition procedure

Henceforth next to the AOC and IGP (protected geographical indication) the so-called “alimentary”, the geographical indications protecting industrial and handmade...

Our values


Clearly, this is a matter of priority for every legal profession.
Systematic controls are executed at every stage of our operations.
The pursuit of reliability involves the following:

  • A secure system for the management of due dates.
    Incorporation into a software of secure management and manual integration functions.
    No possibility for the deletion of files, other than by a partner.
    Double checking of each due date (by a legal expert and a paralegal).
    Bimonthly control of all due dates.
  • Identification of the most appropriate advice for the situation, which will involve the regular monitoring of case law and legislative amendments:
    • constitution of an in-house data base of all French rulings relating to Industrial Property
    • an extensive resource of both French and European legal documents
  • monitoring of legislative information in all countries (four separate sources of information).
  • Monitoring of foreign correspondents (specifically, verification of their accreditation with the competent Offices) – this is particularly important in certain “at-risk” countries.



Attentiveness, in combination with constant responsiveness, is the duty of any service provider – this applies particularly to consultation services.

This intent is reflected by the following:

  • a guaranteed response to your request within 72 hours; thereafter, we are committed to processing cases in accordance with your time constraints
  • the highly personalized management of your cases, with a dedicated IT project manager and paralegal for your cases in attendance at strategy meetings, thereby allowing the rationalization of registrations and the avoidance of superfluous expenditure
  • regular communication of your portfolio of trademarks.



The application of reasonable costs is pursued through the following:

  • the automation and computerization of all administrative functions, specifically through the ongoing development of specific software for the management of industrial property titles,
  • identification of the latest and most reliable IT facilities for use in the industrial property sector,
  • accounts in the most popular currencies, providing coverage for a period of several months in case of currency fluctuations,
  • transparent accounting, with detailed invoices,
  • consistent compliance with quotations.



The aim is not to deliver a legal consultation which catalogues every available option, but to use this consultation as a basis for the recommendation of a preferred operational solution, together with resources to be deployed and associated costs.

We are committed to the analysis of each of your questions, naturally from a legal viewpoint, but always mindful of your objectives and your resources.

On the basis of these two criteria, we will recommend the initiatives which we consider most appropriate to your situation: a customs blockade, where possible, a co-existence agreement or transactional protocol, in the interests of avoiding action at law, or the constitution of a preliminary defence strategy in case of a potential threat to your trade name.

As each client is managed by at least two persons, your environment will be familiar to us, thereby allowing us to intervene more rapidly.