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1st first geographical indication accredited

The French IP office has recently accredited the first geographical indication for manufactured and handmade products and the lucky winner...

Acknowledgement of industrial property titles in French Polynesia

Within the framework of the organic law n°2004-192 of February 27, 2004 organizing the autonomy of French Polynesia, the competence...

Geographical indications protecting industrial and handmade products and modifications of trademark opposition procedure

Henceforth next to the AOC and IGP (protected geographical indication) the so-called “alimentary”, the geographical indications protecting industrial and handmade...

Due diligence

Contract for the utilization of data bases

This capital operation should not overlook issues relating to intellectual property assets, which will determine both the value of the company concerned, its freedom of action and its potential for development.

  • Regular auditing for the monitoring of procedural modifications and changes to rights holders, and for the verification of consistency between registrations and their exploitation.
  • Due diligence; qualitative and administrative evaluation of portfolios of trademarks, designs and models.
  • Investigation and verification of industrial property titles held by companies.
  • Advice for the portfolio structure of trademarks, designs and models, specifically in conjunction with the acquisition of companies.
  • Management consultation and financial optimization for the portfolio administration of trademarks, designs and models.

New tab for the following activity only: MONITORING

In this fluctuating global environment, control of the distinctive symbols of a company is of fundamental importance.

  • Monitoring of the reservation by third parties of your domain names and/or trademarks.
  • Monitoring of the utilization of your domain names or trademarks on the Internet.
  • Monitoring of the content of specific sites.