Fields of expertise

Copyright «Frequently overlooked, copyright is present on a daily basis and provides protection from the time of creation onwards.» Read more
Contracts «The contract should be considered as a form of instructions governing the relationship between two parties and must be specifically adapted to the company concerned.» Read more
Designs and models «Designs and models represent industrial property titles for the protection of the two- dimensional (design) or three-dimensional (model) appearance of a given object.» Read more
Law governing NICT «Rules governing the attribution of domain names on the Internet are both simplistic, in terms of reservation, and complex in terms of the strategy to be adopted.» Read more
Designations of origin «Designations of origin or geographical information in general, will constitute a guarantee of the geographical origin of a given product, providing an assurance to the consumer of quality, expertise and the application of a traditional production method for the region concerned.» Read more
Due diligence «This capital operation should not overlook issues relating to intellectual property assets, which will determine both the value of the company concerned, its freedom of action and its potential for development.» Read more