1st first geographical indication accredited

The French IP office has recently accredited the first geographical indication for manufactured and handmade products and the lucky winner...

Acknowledgement of industrial property titles in French Polynesia

Within the framework of the organic law n°2004-192 of February 27, 2004 organizing the autonomy of French Polynesia, the competence...

Geographical indications protecting industrial and handmade products and modifications of trademark opposition procedure

Henceforth next to the AOC and IGP (protected geographical indication) the so-called “alimentary”, the geographical indications protecting industrial and handmade...

Our methodology

A global and interactive vision of Industrial Property

Key to diagram:

La Marque
Stratégie marketing
Propriété industrielle
Identité visuelle
Commercialement fort
Juridiquement fort
The Brand
Marketing strategy
Industrial property
Visual identity
Commercially strong
Legally strong

Only a combination of skills can deliver a fast, efficient and cost-effective search function

A pragmatic approach to your project

Wherever possible, we will visit your premises and your plants in order to familiarize ourselves with your products or services.
Our aim is to develop a genuine relationship of trust and consistency, which is the only means of ensuring effective work. The pursuit of a specific case, in the absence of a complete vision of your industrial property assets or your competitive environment, will be of little benefit either to you or to ourselves.
We are constantly mindful of the fact that it is not our job to add difficulties to your request, but to propose solutions which, unfortunately, may simply involve the least unfavourable solution available in some cases.

Personalized case management

Each client will have a dedicated IT project manager and a paralegal.
Naturally, depending upon the issues concerned, more specialized experts in fields such as NICT or designations of origin may be involved.
Moreover, as staff turnover is very low, you have the assurance that you will not be required to change your contact on a regular basis.

Traceability (on-line management of your portfolio of titles)

All information on your trademarks, designs and models is recorded, in order to allow the establishment of a link between titles and contracts, objections, procedures, licences, etc.