1st first geographical indication accredited

The French IP office has recently accredited the first geographical indication for manufactured and handmade products and the lucky winner...

Acknowledgement of industrial property titles in French Polynesia

Within the framework of the organic law n°2004-192 of February 27, 2004 organizing the autonomy of French Polynesia, the competence...

Geographical indications protecting industrial and handmade products and modifications of trademark opposition procedure

Henceforth next to the AOC and IGP (protected geographical indication) the so-called “alimentary”, the geographical indications protecting industrial and handmade...

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The contract should be considered as a form of instructions governing the relationship between two parties and must be specifically adapted to the company concerned. It is our job to ensure that each of the parties fully understands what they are signing and the consequences of that signature – legal language must be kept as intelligible as possible, in the interests of compliance.

Contract for the publication and sale of software.

As an instrument of commercial negotiation, the pre-contractual period will frequently influence product development.

  • The drafting of letters of confidentiality will be essential to the preservation of your entitlements, in case of the disclosure of projects or site visits.
  • Partnership or research contacts defining the ownership of the results of analyses.
  • Product or software development contract

A given industrial property right will be the subject of negotiations, transactions and licences for the enforcement thereof – we can support you in these procedures.

  • Trademark licences and derivative products.
  • Patent licences, cross-licences; verification of conformity with European regulations.
  • Coexistence agreements; transactional protocols.
  • Contracts for the communication of expertise or technology transfer.
  • Publication contracts for games, books or music.