1st first geographical indication accredited

The French IP office has recently accredited the first geographical indication for manufactured and handmade products and the lucky winner...

Acknowledgement of industrial property titles in French Polynesia

Within the framework of the organic law n°2004-192 of February 27, 2004 organizing the autonomy of French Polynesia, the competence...

Geographical indications protecting industrial and handmade products and modifications of trademark opposition procedure

Henceforth next to the AOC and IGP (protected geographical indication) the so-called “alimentary”, the geographical indications protecting industrial and handmade...


Support for French, European and international companies
Our clients include French companies who wish to export, foreign groups with European subsidiaries, or foreign companies who wish to establish a presence in Europe.

We organize in-house training sessions involving the various corporate departments, including legal affairs, marketing and strategy, for the effective establishment of a global vision which places the brand or innovation concerned at the centre of the discussion.

We are a certified training organization under the IP3 scheme and, in consequence, training provided may be delivered by different organizations.

  • Authorized agent of the OHIM and European offices
    We are well-versed in the law and specific procedures associated with Community trademarks and Community designs and models. This accounts for some 50% of our business.
    Moreover, under the terms of European rules, we are qualified to make direct approaches to numerous national offices in Europe.
  • Strong relationships with our correspondents throughout the world
    Notwithstanding our small-scale structure, we have a highly extensive network of foreign contacts.
    We meet our colleagues from other countries at the INTA trade fair, at international conferences or in the course of specific visits.
    We maintain close contacts, specifically with our correspondents in Brazil, China, the USA and Canada.
  • Everyday use of English
    Naturally, English is the working language for our entire team, and for our colleagues in other countries.
    We can also work in Spanish, German and Italian.